vision and versatility defined

Synthesising light and shade with dynamic blades, this custom cut, open-air space sit symbiotic with city and rural landscapes.

model V options

• Custom cut structure
• Self-supporting or wall-mounted.
• Existing structure or multiple model combinations available.
• Maximum sizes of shade covering per model w: 450cm l: 600cm area: 27m2
• Post profile dimensions: 1¬00mm x 150 mm
• Dynamic blades with rotation up to 140° for versatile light deflection.
• Integrated drainage system in structure perimeter
• Water-tightness tested by the Istituto Giordano up to a 3.4 bar pressure.
• RAL colour specification or tiger coaring upgrade options available.
• Raso side screens or slide glass sides as options.
• LED with RGB lighting or spot lights.
• Temperature, wind and rain sensors for automated climate control.
• Wireless detection and control from multiple terminals.
• 5 patents covering designs.
• 5-year warranty.

product authenticity

All pratic products are uniquely identifiable and guaranteed as authentically pratic with hologram referencing.  Product characteristics and warranty commitments, instantly recognisable with this coding, support servicing and security.

CE certification

Pratic guarantees, with vigorous testing, that all product characteristics are compliant with European performance and safety regulations (directives 2006/42/EC and 2014/30/EC, EU Regulation N# 305/11, EN 60335-1, EN 60332-2-97 and EN 13561).  CE markings on the products and accompanying instruction manuals issued to all new owners demonstrate adherence to this obligation in law.

product guarantee and warranty

Pratic guarantees 1-year with specific components protected under a 5-year warranty – please see the conditions of sale for details.